Messerschmitt Bf109E Hubel

Messerschmitt Bf109E

Messerschmitt Bf109E

Feldwebel H. Hubel

Kenner's Farm, Leigh, Kent

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Section of German pilots parachute from the Messershmitt BF109e, flow by Feldwebel H. Hubel, who was killed when the aircraft was shot down at 1:45pm on 29th September 1940 by Pilot Officer R. Berry, 603 Squadron, during the Battle of Britain. The aircraft crashed at Kennards Farm, Leigh, Tonbridge, Kent. This piece of the parachute  is possibly from the larger section recovered, this was given to me by  a friend who was in the Home Guard at the time.

Items listed

  • Section of parachute
  • Ammunition, 7.92mm rounds
  • Part of engine casing
  • Part of tail with Swastika insignia